CounterJihad Europa

Building Networks and Coalitions Against the Islamisation of Europe


A number of draft papers under preparation for an upcoming publication on “Defending Civil Liberties in Europe: Free Expression in 2008″ (working title) are here for review:

Whitepapers – UN Human Rights Issues, Events and Decisions

Free Speech and Islamism at the United Nations
Copenhagen Parliament (19 November 2005)

Submission at the United Nations?
The Hague (19 February 2006)

Saudi Arabian and Egyptian Schoolbooks: Culture of Hate based on “Jihad and Martyrdom” and Creeping Islamism at the United Nations
Hamar, Norway (21 July 2007)

Urgent Appeal To Condemn Lebanese NBN TV propagation of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion(2 November 2007)

Whitepapers – Human Rights in Other Organizations

Brussels Declaration (March 2007)

A Secular Vision for Europe and Vision for Europe Campaign

Azar majedi nominated for Emma Humphrey’s memorial prize


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