CounterJihad Europa

Building Networks and Coalitions Against the Islamisation of Europe



All are highly knowledgeable on many topics; a sample topic is provided in parentheses

Bat Ye’or (Eurabia)

David Littman (U.N. and European Union)

Paul Belien (Belgium)

Filip Dewinter (Belgium)

Nidra Poller (France)Sam Solomon (UK, Islamisation)

Gerard Batten (UK)

Ted Ekeroth (Sweden)

Reinhard Fomi (Sweden)
Lars Hedegaard (Denmark)

Jens Anfindsen (Norway)

Johannes Jansen (Netherlands)

Adriana Bolchini Gaigher (Italy)

Arnaud Dotezac (Switzerland)

Traian Ungureanu (Romania)

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff (Austria)

Dr Arieh Eldad (Israel)Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo (Islamisation)

Dr. Marc Cogen (law)

Sam Solomon (Shariah law, Islamisation)Robert Spencer (shariah, Islam, Islamisation)

Andrew Bostom (shariah,Islam, Islamisation)

Matyas Zmo (Czech Republic)

Laurent Artur du Plessis (France, shariah financing)

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